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Buddy Planet Characters

Buddy Bots
The Buddy Bots are the friendly little ones that make up the main population of Buddy Planet. They're always ready to go on an adventure and they love to eat!

Sonny is a serial entrepreneur who owns most of the businesses on Buddy Planet. His goal is to leave 1 profitable business to each of his 327 children (and counting).

Mr. Disco
Mr Disco is the owner of the most popular (and only) arcade on Buddy Planet. He spends his free time DJing at the arcade. He will definitely brighten your day.

The Rotter
The Rotter is a rotting avocado who is often angry and upset. He hates the fact that he is a villain in a video game and claims he is misunderstood.

Seymour the Seagull ruined the Buddy Bot's day by stealing their giant cake. He'll do anything to stop them getting it back.

Buff Buddy
When not eating cake, you'll find Buff hanging out at Sonny's Gym. Buff is leading the charge to get the cake back from Seymour.

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